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Our team finds solutions to reduce the landfill of plastic waste generated by businesses that cannot be recycled through the municipal collections.

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Each year, over 8.3 million tonnes of waste are sent to landfills.

60% are generated by

industries, companies and construction sites.

In Quebec, approximately 1370 tonnes of plastic waste are sent to landfills each day, the equivalent of 8 Olympic pools.

Our Residual Materials Management Advisors:

Key sectors

We identified an overall potential of a minimum of 838 tonnes per year of orphan plastics that can be diverted from landfills from the following sectors:


85-100 tonnes

Recreational tourism:

28 tonnes


225 tonnes


20-100 tonnes

/ per company


100 tonnes

Project history

Since 2017, we have supported various territories in the implementation of orphan plastic recycling projects. Building on our success, our support extends to other territories and different sectors.

Boost competitiveness with sustainable business practices

Reduce waste management costs

Find new income sources

Develop and retain your clientele

Create innovative products and partnerships

Promote local economic development

Reduce GHG emissions

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Our Partners

This project receives financial support from Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Canada Development Economic, Desjardins GoodSpark Fund, SADC des Laurentides, AgriRÉCUP, the MRC d’Argenteuil, de Deux-Montagnes, des Laurentides, des Pays-d’en-Haut, de Thérèse-De Blainville and the City of Mirabel, Complexe environnemental de la Rouge, Régie intermunicipale des déchets de la Lièvre, Synerlab as well as our recycling partners Modix Plastiques, Plastiques Terra Nova and RPM eco.

Major partners