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From your packaging to your residual material management, Synergie Économique Laurentides helps you make the shift to eco-responsible practices.


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Mission recyclage compostage

Implement recycling and composting practices


Adopt eco-responsible practices

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Services for municipalities

Services for businesses

Our circular economy expertise focuses on 4 pillars:

Rethink resource consumption early in the lifecycle


Eco-design strategy

Get advice on how to minimise your environmental impact when choosing packaging or manufacturing your products

Optimize product lifecycles to avoid waste


Sustainable procurement strategy

Improve your environmental, social and economic performance by integrating responsible purchasing criteria. Reduce your purchasing costs by joining a purchasing group.

Food waste reduction

Minimise your losses by planning food purchases and storage. Find a buyer for unsold food.

Business cohorts

Team up with other companies facing the same problem to find common solutions.

Manage waste to divert from landfill


Material flow cost analysis

Identify potential economic gains to improve your productivity in relation to your residual materials.

Residual materials management

Reduce waste management costs and your environmental footprint by implementing recycling, composting or recovery of your residual materials.

Finding outlets for waste

Get turnkey alternatives to divert waste from landfill.

Networking workshops

Turn your material or energy losses into revenue and develop new business partnerships.

Accelerate eco-responsible initiatives in companies


Funding research

Get support to find financing for your green projects and clean technologies.

Training and communications

Shine in the eyes of your staff and customers while accelerating change with a communication plan and awareness tools.

Project design

Speak with experts to help you better define your needs and/or find a solution to a specific issue.

Services for municipalities

Count on our team of experts to help you improve your territory’s residual materials management (RMM) performance.

  • develop and manage structuring projects
  • support ICIs to implement recycling and composting
  • support eco-centres for materials with no outlet for disposal
  • represent the Laurentians on provincial committees
  • participate in regional and provincial consultations on shared issues and solutions
  • advise on the development of new municipal regulations
  • research funding opportunities and assist with grant applications
  • create sustainable development action plans
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